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To Be is the greatest spiritual thing you can achieve. This program will help you get to the core of who you are as a piece of God. At this time you are being encouraged spiritually to expand and be Bigger in sharing what you have learned. You may have been told it was best to wait instead of sharing with others for a long time. But you don’t have to do that anymore. You are now being asked to step up and step out; possibly in a bigger way than you ever imagined. More people are seeking help, healing and spiritual guidance so they can also ascend into their own I AM being. Jesus needs people to be His voice and His Healing Hands and to help these people. Now you can be Brave because He is saying, “It is time.” You are safe moving forward with your callings; sharing the knowledge, wisdom and insight that you already have inside of you and flowing through you. If you don’t know what you are being called to do, this program will help you know what questions to ask to get those answers. We are being asked to be Bold in interactions; shining The Light every day.

In this 3 part program by phone or skype, you will receive insight about the Ascension, Jesus and the anti-christ, and the real Heaven. You will also hear the spiritual perspective about current world events. And you will receive prayers to strengthen your spiritual connection, keep your energy up and keeping you on your highest and easiest path. Each session will be approx 2+ hours.

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Soul Teachings
These Soul Teachings are inspired to help everyone to receive insight into how to maintain the highest and easiest path of life while at the same time preparing for the Ascension. We are told that we will not know the day or the hour but that we would be able to discern the times. Jesus often said those with eyes to see and ears to hear would understand. This is the time for Jesus’ return for all souls who have His Light flowing through them. Each program will have prayers, affirmations, wisdom and knowledge to enhance your walk with Jesus. With an open eyes, ears and heart, each time you listen to these programs you will receive fresh and new anointing for your life and answers about your soul’s path.

You can join in live or listen to the recording at any time. For your convenience you can download them to your computer, Mp3 player, cell phone, etc. to be played over and over again, whenever you want more insight, encouragement or a powerful boost of confidence and energy.

These programs are free for everyone but donations are appreciated. It takes me approximately 8 hours to receive the information for doing just one of these programs. That is time that I cannot work with clients so donations are gratefully received and prayerfully blessed. If you would like to support my work, you can send a donation through the Donate page or you can mail cash, check or money order to my mailing address on my Contact page.

I pray that my work continues to be exactly what you are seeking each time we share. ~In Victory and Love, Christina

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