Ascension Boot Camp

Jesus has worked through me to teach and share ways for people to use the gifts of The Holy Spirit; which is helping them grow in their peace and spiritual abilities. The result has been nothing less than amazing!


The first part of this program, “Prayer” is assisting you with saying specific prayers that Jesus gave me to say. These prayers have enabled me to do the work that I do in helping others through receiving messages of healing and insight today. I will help you to understand what these prayers mean, (“in all things, get understanding“) and when to pray them and how to pray them.

The first session you receive prayers with understanding and knowledge for balance and stability.

The second session you receive prayers with understanding and knowledge for protection.

The third session you receive prayers with understanding and knowledge for your spiritual growth, connection, increased abilities and knowledge.

The fourth session we wrap it all up with a bow with spiritual insight rarely shared about the different Heavens, Jesus & God & The Holy Spirit,  and giving you a final set of prayers that can open your heart and soul even more. This session is on the phone.

Each one hour session is $150. You can pay this in full at the start or you can make $150 payments prior to each session.

The second part of the Ascension Boot Camp is called “Holy Spirit.” We will be sharing insight and wisdom how to pray with power for yourself and others through speaking in tongues. Also more insight and information about God and more. In order to participate in the “Holy Spirit” Ascension Boot Camp program, you must successfully complete the entire “Prayers” Boot Camp first. **Please note, I will make an announcement when I am ready to start scheduling this “Holy Spirit” program.

It is recommended that we do each Ascension Boot Camp session once every 2 weeks. It would be one on one (not in a group) for one hour through Skype video. According to the pace you and I set, there will be 4-6 sessions. In between our sessions, you will be spending at least 30 minutes of your time each day working on what we give you to do and pray. It is a commitment. I will be able to give you confirmation of your progress in each session.

Here is testimonial #1 ~ Would you like to take the express elevator to deepening your relationship with Jesus and also be prepared and armed to handle the darkness falling on the earth? With Christina’s wisdom and respect of your free will, she teaches you specific {prayers}, skills and tools based on God’s word. The prayers are beautiful and powerful.  Overall, the whole Boot Camp was priceless in how I now understand and relate to God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit. The fruits of this I already see in the peace, joy and little daily miracles I notice every day in my life.”

Testimonial #2  ~ “I was really excited to start the Ascension Boot Camp. I had no idea what to expect but I was hopeful. I started feeling stronger and more confident with each session. During the fourth session I began to feel The Light (of Jesus) and a powerful energy course through me. I could feel my spiritual growth for the first time. I have never felt very confident or comfortable with acknowledging any abilities in myself spiritual or otherwise. Somewhere during the four sessions, especially the last session I stopped being afraid of myself and my spiritual gifts and felt a strong sense of peace flow through me.”

It is not just the words of the prayers and the hand movements. It is the understanding. It is the intention. It is the pure and clear intention you and I put forth toward your spiritual path. This is an amazing work Jesus is doing and I am honored to be one He is sharing it through. This is so exciting!

If you are interested in signing up for the Ascension Boot Camp program today, you can register through the link on this page. I will then forward you the next available dates and times for your first session.

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