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About Christina Lunden
As far back as I can remember I have been able to see visions and hear from Jesus and His Angels.  I knew them as my friends and talked with them every night when I went to bed.  Most of my younger years were spent in a normal life but at times knowing things I couldn’t have known and having dreams of things that had passed and some things that were to come.  I thought this was what everyone did. 

While on vacation with my husband in Key West, Florida in 2002, I heard the Lord speak to me.  He clearly stated that my service to others was to begin.  I was so excited I almost fell off the pier I was standing on.  I had been praying to be more, to do more for Him.  I asked Him what I was going to do.  I turned and noticed a man walking up and down the pier arguing on a cell phone with his ex-wife about their children and him wanting to be a part of their children’s lives.  The Lord explained to me that sometimes people needed Mediators.  He said that in these changing times that people would have a greater need for more pure sources of spiritual information and I was to be one of those sources.   It was then that He called me “the Creator’s Mediator.”  And so my work as Creator Mediator began.

I have accepted my role as an inspiring Minister / Spiritual Counselor / Teacher / Healer who utilizes the Soul and Angels.  I am open to working with all who have an open heart.  I have been through a lot of lessons and situations in this one life and I have a remembrance of my many other lives so I have a good understanding of how hard it is to live here, how inaccessible it seems Spirit can be at times, how the longing to “go home” can interfere with your daily life once you do wake up and many more situations we go through.  I promise to be the best source for you that I can be to help you deal with things in this life and make your life the joy it was supposed to be.  I pray that I am always a pure and clear channel of love and light and a help to all who cross my path to remember. 

May my work fill you with insight, joy and love,

Rev. Christina Lunden


Christina Lunden
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