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As far back as I can remember I had the ability to have spiritual visions and dreams and hearing from Jesus and His Angels. I knew them as my friends and talked with them every night when I went to bed. Some nights I would see people standing at the bottom of my bed that needed help crossing over. Somehow, I “knew” how to help them. These experiences helped me to not fear death. Most of my younger years were spent in a normal life but at times knowing things I couldn’t have known and having dreams of things that had happened in the past and some about the future. I thought this was what everyone did.

When I was 12 years old, I had two profound spiritual visitations. I was lying in bed and all of a sudden I saw a huge face (the devil) in front of me breathing very hot breath. He said in a nasty voice; “Who are you to do this work? You will never be allowed to do it. We will stop you.” Then he vanished. Immediately after that visitation, Jesus came to me and anointed me with oil on my forehead in the form of a cross with a circle around it. I found 40 years later what the devil was trying to scare me from doing. It was this work for Jesus that I am doing now; helping people like you. By doing this work, it will lead me to that One specific thing that scares the devil the most. That thing is huge. I have had this prophesied over my life and even though I don’t know when I will do it or the specifics about it yet, Jesus has told me that it is directly ahead of me. And He showed me the path and it doesn’t look too far in the future.

God officially ordained me to do my work with the public in 2002. Since I was taught directly by Jesus Christ and His Angels all my life, it only took a year to get me working. Jesus taught me how to counsel and have His healing energy flow through to people on all levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually. The only hurdle would then be that person’s faith; how accepting the person / soul is of receiving the healing. He taught me how to recognize and cast out demons and disembodied spirits and how to clear them from a person’s soul. It’s not something I sought out to do, however I have found that I am extremely good at it.

Jesus Christ taught me how to share messages in written, audio and video form to assist people to remember who they are as a piece of God in the quickest, highest and easiest way. I remember telling Him one time that it was TOO easy and people wouldn’t accept it. He replied that we like to make things a process and compartmentalize things to work through them but He needed teachers to go out and share the simplicity of living in His Light. So Jesus also taught me how to teach others to become teachers and leaders who will share His Light around the world. I have been sharing for almost 15 years as an inspiring Minister, Ministerial Counselor, Prophetic Teacher, Healer and Leader who Jesus is working through for over a decade. My Mantle is in the Prophetic Teaching.

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I am open to working with all who have an open heart. I especially have been commissioned to work with those who feel they have been mistreated or let down by a church. Jesus told me in 2016, “It’s time.” That statement was referencing many things but one of them was about these people who left church for one reason or another, “It’s time to come home.” Jesus didn’t let us down. Churches / religion did. I’m talking to the people who these words are like fingernails on a chalkboard: born again, saved, religion, etc.

I have been through a lot of lessons and situations in this one life; including being physically thrown out of a Catholic Church when I had nowhere else to turn for help. During confession, the priest wouldn’t even listen to me after I said I was divorced. He literally came out of the confessional, dragged me out of my confessional and in front of everyone started yelling at me that he didn’t have time for people like me and roughly walked me out the doors. I really, really needed help with my life at that time. It was devastating to me. Then much later, I was kicked out of the church I went to because of my ability to talk to Jesus and have visions the pastor said he couldn’t do that, so it must be something wrong with me. And this was a church that said they believed in the gifts of The Holy Spirit! So I understand being disappointed in the church. But neither time was Jesus involved. That was the devil and man’s doing. I am happy to assist you in finding a Bible based church (meaning they believe everything in the Bible is divinely inspired and truth) in your area if you would like; just send me an email.

I have gone through so many situations which were for my own soul growth but some lessons were also so I could understand how to help others with their lives. I know how hard it is to live here and feel separate from God. I know how inaccessible God seems at times too. I understand how the longing to “go home” can interfere with your daily life once you do remember there is a place prepared for us that is so much better than this earth experience. And I know what to do to assist everyone to be prepared for the upcoming Ascension / Rapture, as Jesus specifically prepared me for these times.

I believe there is One True God and that the Bible is The Word of God and divinely inspired. This the most amazing book ever! While reading the Bible when Jesus was preparing me for this work, I saw the printed words lift off the page and flip upside down, turn to gold and go back on the page. When I read that part of the scripture, I understood it in a new way. Jesus just let me see spiritually what happens when a person with an open heart reads the Bible.  I believe everyone can receive Salvation, Water Baptism (in the name of Jesus), Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Divine Healing and all the gifts of The Holy Spirit. I also believe that Jesus is coming back very soon, in our lifetimes. I believe there is a Remnant of God’s people being awakened right now to walk in their true callings as leaders, healers and teachers to keep God’s people on track or get back on track and ready for His return and that I am called to help the Remnant do that.

Side note about the water baptism. I was baptized again because I found out when I was baptized as a baby through the Catholic Church the priest did not say the name of Jesus. The priest said, “In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.” When I got baptized again it was “In the name of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and God the Holy Spirit.” I tell you, the devil has worked hard at erasing our power through Jesus! And we wonder why we are not getting prayers answered!


However we work together, whether it is virtually; through the written, audio and video messages or on the phone or in person, I promise to always be the same; the highest, clearest, best source for you to receive all that you are seeking.

My prayer: “Lord Jesus, I ask You to convey Your messages through me. Sanctify me so that nothing can hinder the flow of The Holy Spirit. I ask You for a demonstration of The Holy Spirit and Your Power to everyone that watches, listens and reads my work for You. I pray, Jesus, that You manifest Yourself in the course of these messages every moment of every day to everyone. Thank You, Amen and Amen!”

In Victory and Love,

Rev. Christina Lunden

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